IntegrArte supports children in the process of learning the Spanish language by involving them in different interactive workshops. IntegrArte SF promotes and facilitates the creation of spaces where children and youth from different backgrounds can have the opportunity to practice their Spanish through activities that also promote culture from Latin America.

IntegrArte SF aspires to become a self-sustaining entity that generates resources to invest in cultural/educational projects, international cultural exchange programs to strengthen ties between EEUU and Latin American communities and help to spread the wealth of Latin American culture and identity.

Client: IntegrArte

Category: Nonprofit

Date: June 2017

IntegrArte SF Programs

Homework Club

The English Learners Homework Club is an after-school program devoted to helping elementary school children with their English homework and providing academic assistance for their language development. The elementary students, who are learning English as their second language, will meet with a mentor to discuss problems they are having with their classes or homework and to receive academic guidance to advance their work. A fellow student from San Francisco State University will mentor our students.

Our goal is to promote fluency in English beyond the classroom. By instituting this program, the elementary school children who are learning English as a second language will be helped to continue their English language development to enhance student academic learning.

Parental involvement and a commitment of time was the key for this program to begin and will be the key to its success. English learner families understand that our children’s education is important and recognize the need to help and support our students with English Language Development for their academic success.

In preparation for this program, a meeting was held with San Francisco State University coordinators from the bilingual and mathematics program. In the meeting, we discussed effective tutoring skills, times, and locations. The meeting connected students of local schools and parents with university representatives. We were able to recognize the mutual benefit for a program of this kind.

Parents study group

English Learners families understand the importance of parent involvement is their children’s education. Principally, there is a need to better understand the Common Core Standards and how to help their children achieve academic success.

We believed a study group would be helpful to learn information and strategies to help

  • Support our children at home with their homework
  • Make sure they are making the academic progress needed to succeed at school.

Therefore, parents have met with Dra. Maria Zavala from San Francisco State University to learn about the mathematics curriculum and other education topics that would help provide support to their children.

By building a community of committed parents we believe we can help advance children’s education in our community.

Our goal is to approach these subjects

  • Supporting student learning at home.
  • Advocating for your child at the school
  • Supporting students with special needs

Music Program

Mission Music&Voices Program: Music for integration

Music is a universal language that transcends the boundaries of nation and race. It is a powerful tool for social cohesion and integration and offers students the chance to develop creativity and self-expression, builds skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that are necessary for success.

The Mission Music&Voices program offered by IntegrArte SF promotes the integration of our communities, strengthens cultural identity, and supports students in their academic endeavors. IntegrArte SF through its music and storytelling education program seeks to tell the story of the Latin American diaspora that has passed through the Mission District, and how this cultural diversity is expressed through music.  Children will understand the Latin American heritage and its significance in our communities while understanding fundamental aspects of Latin American music.

Summer Camp

The program is designed for children who are fluent in Spanish, and all programming takes place in Spanish.
Each week will offer a combination of ‘maker’ type science activities, outdoor play, and arts activities including storytelling, music and traditional crafts and games, arranged around a theme as described below. For all weeks, children will be divided into two groups by grade level. Each group will spend some days with our science group leader and some days with our art group leader.

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