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Sada means echo (صدى) in Arabic: The echo of our consciousness, actions, and dreams. Lyrics of Sada is a project that connects refugee musicians in Athens, Greece, to collaborate with musicians in the Bay Area. The creative journey and cultural exchange will be documented as they compose original music led by voices of refugees and supported by local Bay Area talent. The goal of this humanitarian program is to compile a music album and a documentary telling a larger story of migration, displacement and the pursuit of dreams to raise awareness.

Client: You

Category: Documentaries

Date: November 2017

Lyrics of Sada is a program initiated by Zoinia, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Francisco providing creative solutions through media and technology. Their goal is to promote social initiatives and educational programs with a focus on equity and sustainable change.

Members of Zoinia, Hassan El-Masri, and Marc Hors have been involved overseas with the refugee crisis in Greece for the past two years; helping with Arabic translation, information technology, and bringing awareness of this humanitarian crisis through Marc’s photography and conferences in the USA and Spain.

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